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  • Can I wash my Bull Ropes?
    The ropes themselves are mostly washable materials but the details are delicate and therefore I would strongly suggest NOT washing them unless by hand and by extremely delicate means.
  • Can I stretch my Bull Rope?
    You absolutely can (within reason) and actually the more you wear them and give them gentle stretching every so often they will lay better as a result of the materials being broken in and able to lay flush against you.
  • Refunds and/or Exchanges
    Because each piece is handmade and most often a one-of-a-kind item, refunds and exchanges are not possible. But my goal is always to provide you with the best experience possible and for you to have an item you can thoroughly enjoy, so just email with any concerns and together we can work it out.
  • Are Bull Ropes Durable?
    BullRopes are definitely durable, but they are made from cloth so wear and tear is inevitable with constant use. I would ask you to remmeber that your Bull Rope and all pieces from Bull & Rose are as much art as they are accessories and should be treated as such.
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